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Support groups play a crucial role in sensitizing, sharing and understanding the needs and concerns of the people and their family members. People learn by example. This program assist in formation of self-help groups and constant guidance is provided to sustain in the groups.

Empower Women: Vocational and Soft Skill Training Project

The beneficiaries in this project are women/ adolescent girls/youth from destitute families who are trained in skills to provide them some standing in society. They often utilize these skills to earn money, to support their families or simply add these skills to use as an extra to their job..

The program is implemented with the help of 3-5 instructors who are from the community itself. The materials are sourced from the community so that the ultimate benefit goes to the residents of the area. The girls and women are taught three courses Cutting and Tailoring and Beauty Culture and Wellness.


Project Triya: Menstruation Hygiene  and Sanitation Project and Installation of Sanitory Napkins Dispensing Machine at the Center 

The awareness about health and hygiene is very low in the community and when it comes to women and adolescent girls, it is further low. At our centre, we provide life skill training to adolescent girls and young women along with the employability skills. While interacting with these young women, it was found that they still use reused cloth during periods and adhere to unhealthy practices which can harm their reproductive health. These unhealthy practices cause menstrual infections, including white discharge, itching, burning, swollen ovaries and frequent urination.

Therefore, the Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine was installed in the centre premises which helped not only the beneficiaries coming to the centre but also the community women at large. The mother of the children who study at our non- formal centre and girls enrolled were all being benefitted.


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