As a Volunteer

By becoming a Volunteer, you can play a key role in our organization. You can provide valuable skills or talent that can be very useful for the organization and we may be lacking them. We assist, motivate and guide volunteers to help them develop their skills that will improve the performance. Empowering Minds accords due recognition to the work and the time spent by the volunteer in various ways.

Volunteers can help is various tasks like;


  • Teaching the children various skills like dance, drama, singing, computers etc.
  • Creating Public Awareness
  • Enrolling Donor members
  • Fundraising
  • Publications and content writing
  • Organizing health camps
  • Organizing workshops and meetings
  • Publicity and public relations & contacting celebrities
  • Counseling
  • Updating web site
  • Building mailing list
  • Doing outreach activities


Empowering Minds are looking for Interns/Volunteer in 12 different sections like teaching, Women Counseling, Health Awareness camps etc.

Preferences for Internship Program or Volunteering.

If Teaching is your preference then please select your area of interest.

Empowering Minds

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