Traveller Fareen

Her name is Fareen. She lives in Arthala near Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, U.P. She studies in 4th standard. Her father is a barber who works really hard to make ends meet. Her mother is a homemaker. Both the parents are very supportive and encouraging towards their children’s education and hope that they succeed in life. She has a younger brother in the same school (Arthala Fareen has a slight disability in her left hand and left knee joint due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. This never deterred her spirit and determination to work hard. Read More

Artist Sonu

He studies in 1st standard. His mother is a maid and sole earning member of the family. His father had passed away years ago. He has two elder siblings an elder brother and a sister. They also study Sonu’s mother believes that education is a key to success in life, it is evident from the fact that all her children are enrolled in ABV and has never asked any of her children to help her and contribute Sonu’s favorite subjects are Science and Math’s. He loves to draw and is really good at it. He also likes to play cricket and watch films. He is an average student and very shy and calm in nature.

Dr. Anu

Anu Kumari studies in 4th standard. She has been enrolled in ABV since nursery class, this makes her 6th year in this school. She has a younger brother who is in L.K.G . She also has an elder sister who is in 5th standard and was also enrolled since nursery class. There are two earning members in the family. Her mother works in a Pvt. Company and her father does packaging work for some other company. Anu wants to become a doctor. Her favorite subjects are English, Math’s & Science. She is an above average student with a Read More

The Dynamic Siblings – Nancy and Sanky

Post the death of their father a few years ago, both Nancy and Sanky received an early setback in their life. But this did not break their spirit of learning and fulfilling their dreams. Nancy studies in class 7Th and loves to study computer science and practice drawing. She is a very enthusiastic girl who tries to be active in all activities happening in the school. She aspires to become a dancer one day and idolizes Katrina Kaif. Her favorite performance of Katrina Kaif Read More

Dr. Aman Khan

Aman is studying in Class 5th and has been with the school since class 1st. He has 3 more siblings and is the second youngest amongst them. His father is a Sari seller and mother’s a housewife. His favorite subjects are English and Science. He is very inquisitive about topics related to the human body and aspires to become a doctor one day. Post his school hours, he learns Urdu and engages in playing Cricket. His favorite cricketer is MS Dhoni and he loves the ‘MSD helicopter shot’, which he also tries to imitate while playing.

Dreamer Sitara

The star of her family, Sitara Malik is the eldest of her two siblings. Born and brought up in Arthala, she lives with her grandfather, mother, brother and sister. Family is run by the pension received by her grandfather who is a retired factory worker. Her father was a drug addict and died few years back in an accident. The family was shattered and financially broken. Empowering Minds thought that the education of kids should not suffer so they were supported with all of their educational and nutrition needs. Read More

Art in Veins- Varsha

Sitting on the first bench, attentively listening to the teacher and the moment he leaves, she has her drawing book ready. Varsha is one of the finest artist at her age! Studying in Arthala Bal Vidyalaya since class 1st, she is currently in class 5th. She has six siblings of which 3 are married. The family is run by the earnings of their father who is a vegetable seller. There was a time when even she helped her father in selling vegetables. This happened for some time Read More

Vijay Sharma – stepping the ladder of success.

Vijay Sharma is a pass out of Arthala Bal Vidyalaya. He began his journey with the school in the year 2009, getting admitted in class 3rd . For him academics did not come easy. He used to work in a pesticides factory then, not paying much attention to studies. His grades were not satisfactory. Mrs. Richa Mohan (the founder member of EM) seeing the scenario took the case in her hands. She counselled Vijay and his family  Read More

Saiba – Teacher at Arthala Bal Vidyalaya

‘I love to teach’ the words she muttered as soon as she heard the word teaching. We were told that when she joined the school she was shy and inhibited girl. Soon after a week her family refused to let her come to school on the pretext no girl in the family goes out for earning. It is the men’s work. However, she and her family was counselled for days together and in the end she was allowed to join the school again. With time she made progress and from nursery now takes classes Read More

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